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I’m Maisie and I’m a freelance motion designer, animator, illustrator and director that would love to work with you!*


I have lots of experience in the commercial world of film and content making and am happy to work across any brief that I can add value and support to.

My preference is to work remotely from my home studio set up as I’ve found it’s better for the environment, allows me to be more productive and also keeps my rates low, though I’m also happy to work in-house if that’s something that’s important to you :)

My skills cover the full Adobe CC Suite, I’m pretty quick, have flexible working hours and I can animate, direct, design, illustrate and generally add ‘good office banter’ if and when appropriate.


Would love to hear from you!


*Unless you’re a mean person… then I might not want to work with you… or may at least need to charge time and a half.

Hello :)

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